Hello and welcome to Wavewalk Adventures in Key Largo.

I am Captain Larry Jarboe, and I’ll be happy to take you on guided fishing tours and diving tours in my fishing boat and/or in Wavewalk 700 and Wavewalk S4 kayak skiffs in various combinations.
Our tour hours are Tuesday to Friday, 9 AM – 3 PM.

As Wavewalk’s authorized dealership in this area, we carry the W500, W700 and S4 in stock, and we can outfit yours for fishing. We may also be able to find an outboard motor for you.
We offer free demos on Wednesdays.

Call or text me: 305-680-8841
Email me: bass21292@yahoo.com

Captain Larry Jarboe
Wavewalk Adventures
43 Garden Cove Dr.
Key Largo, Florida 33037

The Wavewalk S4 Kayak Skiff

Together with the Wavewalk 700, the Wavewalk S4 is the backbone of our kayak and microskiff fleet. It is the most stable, comfortable and seaworthy kayak out there, and it performs better than many small skiffs when it comes to going in mangrove tunnels and in choppy water.

January 2018 – Going at 17 mph in my S4, and breaking the world speed record for motorized kayaks:

Pictures from our fishing and diving tours


The S4x3 multi-boat: Three Wavewalk S4 attached together. The kayaks can be separated for the passengers to paddle , drive, and fish independently. Later, the boats can be reattached.
Driving the Wavewalk S4 is fun both in protected waters and in the ocean, sitting and standing
A cooler full of fish caught in the mangroves
A kayak fishing expedition into the mangrove creeks and tunnels, where there are always plenty of fish to catch, and no wind.
Touring Key Largo by motorized Wavewalk S4
The coral reef in Key Largo is a divers’ paradise
I bow fish from time to time
The Line Dancer is a commercial fishing boat that serves as a mother ship for our guided fishing and diving tours
Snorkeling at the reef
Catching lobsters bare hand – Don’t try it yourself!
Catching fish in the mangrove tunnels is fun – No wind, no waves, and lots of fish.